About Sunningdale Classics

Classic by name, classic by nature

With the owners, brothers David and Geoff Wellman, boasting many years business experience, the opportunity to live their Classic Car dream proved an opportunity they simply could not refuse!

Many Classic Car enthusiasts yearn for their dream car and yesterday’s cars are very much today’s dreams!

The Little Aston (Aldridge) Garage has risen like a phoenix and from the ashes of the empty shell, Sunningdale-Classics is Yesterdays Dreams reborn – and with the famous history of the location, we mean that quite literally!

Simply the stuff of Dreams!

A little history

  • 1950-1960

    The garage was a petrol filling station and had a facility for repairing cars.

  • 1982

    The garage was used for the filming of the television production “Yesterday’s Dreams”. This was aired in January and February 1987. It starred Judy Loe who was the wife of the actor Richard Beckinsdale of ‘Rising Damp’ and ‘Porridge” fame.

  • 1987

    The site was levelled and a new garage and showroom was built. This was called ‘Monarch Porsche’ and this site has been affectionately known as the Porsche garage ever since.

  • 2003

    The Porsche dealership moved to Sutton Coldfield and a Ferrari & Maserati franchise continued to operate from this site.

  • 2008

    With the world’s finance crisis upon us the dealership was closed.

  • 2010

    Stratstone signage was erected and talk that Aston Martin would take this site over. Yet again due to the economic climate this did not happen.

  • 2008-2017

    The garage remained closed and began to crumble and decay.

  • February 2017

    The garage was finally purchased from the Pendragon Group after two years of on and off negotiation by David & Geoffrey Wellman. Aldridge boys all-of their lives and complete petrol heads, they decided it would be an ideal location for a “different” sort of dealership. The brothers have always had an interest in Cars and Motorcycles and had collected a large range between them. So many that they had run out of space to store them. The garage seemed an ideal place to keep the collection, then came the dream to buy and sell them too!

Geoffrey Wellman

A motor mechanic for 25 years on both motorcycles and cars.

Geoff, as he prefers to be known, has spent the other 25 years of his working life with his brother in a management position and is renowned as a brilliant and very hands-on engineer.

David Wellman

From an early apprenticeship, David forged a career in industry and ultimately ran his own very successful Engineering Company for 25 years.

Having retired a year ago and becoming thoroughly ‘bored’, has now decided to un-retire and follow his passion for all things automotive.