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Classic car dealers UK wide bring a great deal of knowledge to the table when it comes to the vehicles they buy and sell, and can usually be relied on to offer sound, ad hoc advice on your purchase. One thing you may be concerned about, having spent money on your dream car, is the best way to look after it once it’s in your care. In this article, we look at the best ways to protect your vehicle all year round, from ensuring it has sufficient insurance cover to practicalities, such as preparing it adequately for the winter months. But first, we take a quick look at what constitutes a classic car.

What Qualities Define Classic Cars In England?

The definition of classic cars in England is a fluid one in the motoring world, and it’s a topic that can generate very animated discussions, even amongst classic car dealers UK wide! There is no dictionary definition, but there are a few factors that may be considered. It’s widely accepted that, for cars to be viewed as classic, there must be aesthetic appeal, whether that’s in the bodywork or in the engineering that lies beneath. On a practical level, many take the car’s resale value as a determining factor. If the vehicle has stopped depreciating in value and begun to cost more to purchase and own, then that’s a firm indication that you have a classic on your hands. The car’s history can also be significant: has it been owned and driven by a giant in the racing world, for instance? Some people use the UK road tax exemption as a guide to whether a car is deemed to be classic or not, and this applies to any car built before 1973. However, in insurance terms, the definition of a classic car generally kicks in for any vehicle 20 years old or older. Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s something that classic car dealers West Midlands and beyond will continue to debate ad infinitum!

If You Buy Classic Cars UK, What Insurance Do You Need?

Whatever car you opt for, there’s a real need to protect it with insurance. In fact, if this is an investment for the future, it’s even more important to insure it with care. After all, this is your pride and joy. As a highly desirable object, it is more vulnerable to theft; and any damage will almost inevitably be more expensive to rectify than a day-to-day run around. But that doesn’t mean automatically that if you buy classic cars UK based, the insurance will cost you the earth. You may actually find it less of a financial burden than typical car insurance. That’s because the mileage your car will clock up is likely to be less than a vehicle used for work or ferrying the family around. There’s also a presumption that owners of such vehicles work hard to protect their investment, by keeping it in a safe location such as a garage when not in use, and maintaining it to a higher standard. When you’re looking for affordable classic cars UK based insurance, though, you have two main options: standard cover will repay you the current market value if your car is written off or stolen. Specialised cover, also known as agreed cover, takes into account the full value of the car, including its classic status.

Protecting Classic Cars In England And Beyond On A Day-To-Day Basis

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate insurance to protect against theft and malicious damage, how should classic cars in England be cared for and maintained, especially against the changing seasons? There is the first and obvious step of purchasing a good quality car cover. This protects not only against bird droppings, dust, rain and so on when your car is stored outside, but also against accidental knocks and scrapes as people pass. However, experts in classic cars Birmingham and beyond recommend that your precious vehicle is kept indoors during the winter months. Ideally, this will be in a dry, airy place, like a barn or a garage constructed of wood or brick. It’s worth noting that concrete structures have a tendency to ‘sweat’ and thereby create damp when the weather is very cold outside. If excess moisture in the air is a problem in your chosen storage place, there is the option of erecting a tent over the car and using fans to ensure the air is kept circulating around it. It’s also important, if at all possible, to get the vehicle moving around once a month, Start the engine, and get it up to its operating temperature by taking it for a short spin. The moving parts benefit from being used on a regular basis.

Before You Buy Classic Cars UK Based, Be Prepared For Winter Maintenance

There are also various steps classic car dealers England wide recommend you should take as the seasons change to ensure your cherished vehicle doesn’t succumb to the weather. The most important time is before you put your car away for the winter months. Firstly, give your car a good wash, removing any dust, debris and grease from the coachwork. Make sure you give attention to the underside too, and then ensure it is thoroughly dry. Taking it for a drive is the best way to dry it fully. Next, ensure the battery’s fully charged. Use petroleum jelly on the terminals and invest in a trickle charger to keep the battery topped up over the longer term without overcharging it. If your car will be in storage for over four months, though, take advice from your car dealer as to whether it’s better to remove the battery for the duration. Finally, conduct a full oil change. A classic car typically doesn’t carry out a lot of miles and engine oil can degrade with time. Also change the coolant, to prevent a build-up of sludge and/ or rust in the waterways; and check and change the filters if necessary. For other protective measures, always consult expert classic car dealers UK based, such as Sunningdale Classics, when you buy classic cars UK wide.

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